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At GMS we have green thumbs. Well, dirty thumbs. And hands, for that matter. In fact, the time we spend in the dirt on our hands and knees proves our love for digging, planting, and caring for beautiful landscaping. It's what we love to do for you, our customer.

From the time our staff arrives at your property to the time they depart, all work is conducted efficiently and according to your predetermined, agreed-upon design. And no matter the size of the project, all work is carefully reviewed with you by a GMS landscape artist to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Installing landscaping is the moment of truth—when dreams become reality. It’s one of the most physically demanding jobs that can yield so much satisfaction when done right. We love the fact that when our installation work is complete, it’s really just the beginning point of your enjoyment.

Are you in Thousand Oaks or Ventura County and need help with your landscape? Contact us here and we can help you bring your ideas to life.

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Sarah Corbin

Sarah handles the day to day operations of GMS with one eye on the horizon. She is dedicated to providing the best service for any customer needs while maintaining the core values GMS was built on.